5 Hairstyles For Women For Wedding

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The wedding party is one of the important moments in a lifetime for a couple who loves. The appearance of the bride and groom is certainly the focus of attention, because it will become the object of attention of the invitees.

The bride is certainly a magnet that attracts the attention of many people. Beautiful dresses combined with makeup and hairdos, make the aura of beauty shine even more.

In addition to bridal makeup, hair styling is also one of the focuses of the Make Up Artist (MUA). Below we have summarized 5 hairstyle that can be an inspiration for your wedding celebration.

  • Bun Model

One of the hairstyles that are widely used by people is the bun. This model usually adapts to the customs of one or even the bride and groom.

Along with the times, the bun is increasingly transforming from a classic model to a more modern one. The size is also vary, even the color of the bun can also be adjusted to the color of the bride and groom. To beautify the look of the bun, MUA in the hairdo section will add some accents of supporting accessories.


  • Braid Hairstyle

One of the inspirations for the 5 hairstyles for wedding is the braided hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for those of you who like a graceful, simple but elegant look on histiric days.

To make your appearance even more special, you can add accessories such as organic flowers or leaves, pearl accessories and so on. The type and color of accessories can be adjusted to the dress and theme of the event that has been conceptualized.


  • Texture Updo Model

This updo hairstyle is recommended for brides with thin hair. The updo makes your thin hair look more voluminous and thick. This hairstyle will be even more elegant if you add some accessories such as a crown or headpiece. You can arrange it with a touch of sleek, messy or French updo.


  • Ponytail Model


The inspirations for 5 hairstyles for women for wedding is the ponytail model. The ponytail is a wavy hairdo with a slash in the hair at the top.

This hairstyle is suitable for you with a round face because it will give the impression of a slimmer and thinner appearance. You can also access the side bangs with the side of the face made in layers.

If your front hair is short, you can also use it to give a touch of accent to thin bangs. Don’t forget to wear accessories at the end of your hair and makeup.


  • Twisted Hairstyle

The last recommendation of 5 hairstyles for women for wedding is the twisted hairstyle. A twisted model is a hairstyle with the power of the hair in a bun.

Your hair is shaped in such a way that it forms a bun or bun. There are many variations of the model, such as flower bun, chignon style hair, or combining braids and then pulling them up.


That’s the inspiration for 5 hairstyles for women for wedding that you can choose. Adjust the selection of the shape of the hairdo with the dress you are wearing. Hopefully, the wedding that you dream of can be carried out and give the best impression that you can’t forget.


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