Easy Tips For Safe Waxing At Home

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For some women, hairs that grow all over the body are considered disturbing and very damaging to their appearance. It’s no wonder that many women are willing to endure the pain of waxing to remove their hair. Currently waxing is considered the best method for removing hairs compared to removing them one by one, which can irritate the skin.

Apart from that, removing manually or using a razor can also make your skin feel rougher. The hair that is removed will also grow faster than waxing. Waxing doesn’t have to be done in a salon or other place, but it can be done easily at home. This of course saves time and is also common considering the cost of waxing at the salon is also very hefty.

Even though it can be done at home, waxing cannot be done carelessly without using a guide or having experience. Many people do it arbitrarily so the result will not be optimal. Here are hair removing tips that you can do at home.

  • Exfoliate Using Body Scrub

The first hair removing tips is to exfoliate the skin. The tool or medium that you can use is a body scrub. This cream is applied after and before waxing to remove dead skin cells and close pores after the waxing process. After applying the scrub, leave it for 1-2 hours until it dries and don’t forget to apply moisturizer.

As long as the scrub isn’t dry, don’t do a lot of activities that can cause sweat and excess dirt, this is so that the waxed part doesn’t get dirty or irritated due to dirt or sweat.


  • Long Haircut

To make waxing easier, you also have to trim a long hair. To wrap it, you can use scissors or other cutting tools that are safe and you can do it yourself. Trimming long hair aims to reduce pain and speed up hair removal.


  • Using Baby Powder

The third hair removing tips is to use baby powder. After applying the scrub and trimming the long hair, you should apply some baby powder on the waxed area. This is so that the skin is not excessively moist so that the liquid wax can stick to the maximum. Baby powder can also prevent you from feeling the pain caused by waxed hair so that the skin will feel comfortable as if there is no missing part of the blue.


  • Setting Up Tools

The next hair removing tips is to prepare a tool in the form of wax strips. Things that need to be considered in using the tool are the SOP and also the cleanliness of the tool before and after use. Try to avoid the wax strips from dirt and bacteria so that they remain sterile and safe to use. In addition, the storage of tools must also be considered, do not store wax strips in places to eat or places that are often dirty.


  • Clean And Use Cooling Gel

The last hair removing tips is by applying a cooling gel. This step is very important to remove the sting and keep the waxed skin moist and soft. Besides that, cooling gel is also believed to be able to eliminate and prevent skin irritation.

Those are hair removing tips that you can do at home, of course it can save costs and make your skin cleaner from pesky hairs.


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