Hairstyles For Men With Curly Hair

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It is undenial that every human’s hair is different. There is hair that is straight or even curly. Of course, everyone will use a style that suits his hair type. If your hair is classified as curly, then you can use the right hairstyle for men with curly hair.

Not infrequently someone who has curly hair will lack confidence, bit you can work around this by using the right hairstyle. As for some hairstyles recommendations for curly hair in men are as follows.

1. Twist Curls

The first hairstyles for men with curly hair is very suitable to be applied to short hair or long hair. This hairstyle that crosses hair to form a braid like a mine is one of the hairstyles that are quite popular this year because it will give a cool impression.


2. Tousled Hair

Tousled hair is able to make your appearance seem neat but stylish. This hairstyle is a combination of a thin haircut on both sides of the head with an elongated top.

You can combine this hairstyle for men with curly hair with a casual fashion style. So it very suitable for use when working in the office. To get a long-lasting hairstyle, don’t forget to add gel to your hair.


3. Fringe Curls 


Fringe curls for brooding men will give a fashionable look. Given that this hairstyle will give a slightly messy style on top. Usually, the top of the hair will be left a little longer, while the lower the haircut will be getting shorter.



This hairstyle is often chosen by models for use at fashion shows or runways. This hairstyles for men with curly hair will be very suitable to be applied to men with all face shapes, especially those with long faces.


4. Short Curly Hairstyle

This hairstyle that is only suitable for use by men with oval and oval faces is often dubbed the lion’s hair because it is shaped like a lion’s hair. For a more stylish look, then you can make the side part and set aside some of the curly hair to one side.


5. Medium Curly Hairstyle


Almost all types of men’s faces are very suitable to use this hairstyle for men with curly hair, especially  those with oval and round faces. This appearance will give the impression of a more presentable and fashionable, so it suitable for use by any age.


6. Short Sides and Curly Hair on Top

This hairstyle will give a fashionable and neat impression on curly hair. In the process of styling, the hair in the middle will be given a gel so that it is easier to manage. For men who have an oval face, it’s very suitable to apply this hairstyle.


7. Slicked Back Curls

This hairstyles for men with curly hair you will often encounter in Hollywood movies. In the styling process, the front hair will be completely combed back and use hair gel to make it look neater.

While on the side will be combed to the back with a little wavy, so it looks like it will fall down. This hairstyle will give a masculine impression to men.


Thus some information about hairstyles for men with curly hair will give the user a fashionable, neat and masculine impression. With some of the hairstyle above, you no longer need to feel less confident with the type of hair you have.





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