Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair

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Not only do women like to pay attention to hairstyles, but men also like to style their hair to make it look much more attractive. Moreover, if the hair is long enough, of course if left unraveled, it will look less good. For that, men need to know the hairstyle for men with long hair that suits them.

1 . Ponytail

The hairstyle that was popularized by Ariana Grande is indeed very suitable for use by women. However, this hairstyle for men with long hair is also very suitable for use by  men because it can increase the aura of their good looks.

This hairstyle is indeed very simple and very easy to style, but it can make a man look masculine, have character and show a very attractive appearance. So it’s only natural that many figures use this hairstyle.


2 . Curtains Hair

This hairstyle was indeed quite popular in the 1990’s among Korean boy bands. However, this hairstyle for men with long hair is still very good for us today, especially for men with long hair with curly texture. These hair curtains will give a classic but still attractive look.

In 2023, hairstyles that are characterized by a middle part or like an open curtain are again viral by Korean boy bands. Many men then adopt this hairstyle because it can be used on all types of hair such as wavy hair, straight to curly though.


3 . Comb-Back Hair

If you are going to attend a formal event, then this hairstyles is very suitable to be practiced. Given that this hairstyle for men with long hair is very simple, it will look very cool and create a masculine appearance. For long lasting results, it is necessary to use pomade on your hair.


4 . Mullet

This hairstyle which was popular in the 1980’s is booming again in 2023. One of the characteristics of this hairstyle is that the edges of the hair will be cut short and the back will be left long. So for those of you who have straight and long hair, it will be very suitable to use this hairstyle.


5 . Samurai Bun


A hairstyle for men with long hair called the half-up man bun or commonly known as the samurai bun, is very synonymous with long hair which is then pulled back. Usually, this hairstyle will leave the front of the hair or bangs to be left loose. Thick and voluminous hair is perfect for this style.


6 . Man Bun

This hairstyle is perfect for men with long hair. Moreover, this style is very easy to practice that’s simply tie your hair into a ponytail and then wrap it into a bun. This hairstyle will give the user a manly impression.

That’s some information about hairstyle for men with long hair that can be practiced to look stunning and neat even though you have long hair. But in choosing the style, make sure that the style is by the shape of your face and the type of hair you have.


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