Hairstyles For Women With Thick Hair

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Hairstyles can indeed give a different effect on the face. This is why choosing a hairstyle should not be arbitary. There are several hairstyles for women with thick hair that you can consider.

Haircuts for women with thick hair types can be varied in any form. For those of you who are still confused about what hairstyle to choose, here are some interesting ones that are suitable for you.


The Most Attractive Hairstyles For Women With Thick Hair

  • Choppy Bob Style With Bangs

Bob style does look suitable for those of you who have thick hair. Hair will look voluminous and make you look beautiful. For this style, you can combine choppy and bob models.

To make it look more attractive, you can also add bangs as a complement. This hairstyle for women with thick hair will give you a graceful impression.


  • Pixie Cut

Another style you can try for thick hair is pixie style. This model will always look trendy because it gives an elegant impression. Many famous celebrities still use the pixie hairstyle as their hairstyle.

This hairstyle will look cute if you add a little variety to it. For example, by providing contours and cuts are tailored to the shape of the face. The pixie hairstyle is also suitable for those of you who want look androgynous.



  • Medium Layer

If you don’t want to cut your hair short, you can try hairstyles for women with thick medium hairlayers. Medium layer gives the impression of long hair that is well maintained because the model is easy to manage.

Layer models will add texture to the hair, so it can have volume naturally. To get the perfect look, you can ask the hairstylist directly to get the maximum look.


  • Mohawk Pixie

Next is the mohawk pixie hairstyle, this hairstyle is suitable for those of you who like a boyish and natural look. With thick hair, this hairstyle will be easier to do. But the hairstyle for women with thick hair, the mohawk pixie model are not suitable for everyone. You can ask your regular hair stylist if this style suits your face shape.



  • Long Layer Model

Don’t forget the long layer model, this model is suitable for those of you who want to look feminine and elegant. With thick hair, long layers will look beautiful because the hair has a natural volume.

In order not to look full, giving a screen will make the hair faster and give an aesthetic look. You can try this styles to make your thick hair more manageable.


Tips to Make Thick Hair More Treated

There are several tips that you can do to get the maximun hairstyles for women with thick hair. Namely by treating thick hair remains smooth and well-groomed.

You can do this by washing your hair regularly, using vitamis, and treating it with conditioner. With good care, the hair will be more beautiful and maximal for various appearances.

Those are some hairstyles for women with thick hair that you can try if your hair is thick enough. Hopefully the above information can help you choose the right hairstyle according to your hair contour, face shape and preferences.



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