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Previously I have explained the balayage techniques, and this time I will discuss the ombre techniques.
Both balayage and ombre hair color trends are in high demand in recent years. However, the hair coloring segment of the two is different. Ombre is more widely used by women in their teens to around 30 years. While balayage is considered more universal because it can be used by teenagers to women who enter old age. You need to know that the difference between balayage and ombre lies not only in the segment of users of hair coloring techniques, but also in other things. Here is a brief explanation of both:

1. Balayage
Balayage is taken from the French language which means ‘to sweep’. Hair that is dyed with the balayage technique will look as if it has been swept with a brush in every section. The result of this ‘sweeping’ creates several highlight lines that are lighter in color than the natural hair color. Meanwhile, the lower part of the ‘swept’ outer hair is colored in a darker color to create dimension. Balayage hair color will look like natural hair that shimmers from the touch of the sun. The highlighting process on balayage hair does not use foil so that the hair color doesn’t look too flashy and tends to be softer.

2. Ombre
This one is also a hair coloring technique that is currently popular, even in Indonesia. Ombre is a French word which means ‘shadow’. The name was used because the ombre hairstyle gives the impression of a shadowing gradation from the roots to the ends of the hair. Ombre hair coloring technique depends on the original color of the hair. The lower the hair, the lighter the color of the paint used. Not infrequently people have to dye the top hair first to have a more perfect touch of ombre color. In conclusion, ombre and balayage are two different types of hair coloring techniques. Balayage can be easily recognized by its touch of highlight, while ombre is known for its color blocking appearance. Still confused about the difference? Gradations or differences in ombre hair color are generally horizontal. While the highlights in the balayage technique look vertical from the top of the hair to the ends of the hair. In addition, the color highlights of the balayage can also be adjusted so that they are not too flashy.

1. Champaign Ombre

Unpretentious ombre hair, or “dismal,” is a gentler, refreshed adaptation of the famous pattern. It softens features into a lighter tint at the base for the in general velvety shading that mixes better with your base.

2. Ocean side Blonde Ombre

One of the most customary ombre styles includes a blur from dim to light to give a lived-in appearance to your mane. Pair with beachy disheveled waves for a low support look that is engaging in various settings.

3. Beach Wave Ombre

A blonde ombre with ocean side waves styling radiates the quintessential young lady nearby energy—beautiful hair that appears to be lighthearted and simple, yet at the same time looks cleaned and moving. A center part is great for thinning round faces or plump cheeks.

4. Spectacular Blonde Ombre

Blonde and brown ombre styles are not “one size fits all”. The shades and tones rely upon the tone of the wearer and ought to be exceptionally mixed. A fresh cool champagne tint will truly fly against olive and brown complexion tones. With such a delicate progressive ombre, this isn’t a style for those with short hair since you will not have the option to get the full impact.

5. White Blonde Ombre

Many individuals would not consider blonde tense ombre features, yet white or platinum hair tones make a pleasant differentiation against a dull earthy colored base. You can likewise go for a dark and blonde arrangement, assuming you need a starker differentiation.

6. Long Bright Red Hair

Dream of Rapunzel-type locks however don’t need crafted by keeping up with blonde? Go for a dim, emotional blend of tones all things considered, similar to dark and red. Red tips are particularly fun throughout the fall and special seasons.

7. From Blonde to Blonder

It is safe to say that you are one of innumerable Caucasian ladies who normally develop that non-descript shade among blonde and brown? Play it up with a shaded style that begins regular and closures platinum.

8. Pretty Purple Ombre

Take your ombre hair tone to a higher level with a cool-conditioned purple tint. The shade is ideally suited for women who don’t go over the top with life and absolutely need to live it up. It is additionally an incredible method for flaunting profundity and aspect inside thick and thick wavy hair.

9. Dark into Extravagant Cold Pink

Dark hair requires more work to be lit, however it looks gaudy in blend with a wide exhibit of tones, even some genuinely unfaltering as this provocative frigid pink.

10. Dye Rainbow

Plunge color rainbow hair is a simple way for a blonde to change around her look. Various tones put all through the lower part of the hair are super attractive, and can likewise effectively be covered up, in case need be, with a bun or braid. Applying shading just to the finishes of the hair is likely the most ideal method for keeping the honesty of the hair.


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