Modern Short Hairstyles Deserve to Try

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Modern short hairstyles are not easy to guess. It should be understood that fashion trend always changes. It is quite possible the trend today will be different tomorrow. Therefore, it is too risky to state that certain short hairstyles are modern or contemporary.



However, it doesn’t mean that the modern short haircut can be shown. Actually, it is clearly seen. Fashion world cannot be separated from the actresses and celebrities. Even, it can be said that the change of the fashion trend is influenced by them. As the result, they are considered as barometer of fashion trend.


In this case, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham are two women who really influence the fashion trend right now, especially short hairstyle. Besides they are famous, it seems that they are in bond with short hairstyle. They have been so long time with their short hairstyle. Even though type of their short hairstyle is different, both short hairstyles have inspired a lot of women in any parts of the world. In short, it is not false if their hairstyles are regarded as modern short hairstyles.


Bob and layers are so popular right now. Indeed, women don’t want to look ordinary with short hair. During summer, they want to go out with stylish look. With short bob hairstyle, they will be so confident to face the world. It is refreshing for hot season. Meanwhile, layers short hairstyle might be solution for those who are not quite ready with short hairstyle.




Cutting out long hairstyle needs a lot of consideration. In this case, layered short hairstyle will not make their hair look too short. At the same time, it is not too long either. Meanwhile, pixie haircut is included as modern short hairstyles right now and it seems to be the hairstyle belonging to active women like career women or activists.


Short with Straight Hair

Short straight hairstyles offer stylish look for women. They could change their clothes over and over to make them more beautiful. However, the truth to enhance the beauty is picking out correct short straight hairstyle for their face shape and type of their hair. In this case, the key is how to choose correct short hairstyle for straight hair. Women have to consider a lot of things to make the short hairstyle wonderful.



Commonly, hairstylists get a trouble or at least difficulty to style the curly hair. For straight hair, they feel that there are limitless ideas to style this kind of hair. Now, the fashion trend might be dominated with short bob hairstyle. It could be influenced by the appearance of the famous actresses with their short bob hairstyle. Creating short bob hairstyle for straight hair is quite easy. Even, women only need to follow the simple tutorial to make it. They don’t need to go to professional hairstylist to have stunning short bob straight hairstyle.


Spiky hairstyle is one of the most recommended short straight hairstyles for young girls. Spiky is funky hairstyle. However, it doesn’t mean that adult women don’t deserve to have it. For the times being, it is not difficult to see career women with spiky short straight hairstyle. To style this hairstyle every day, they need to apply hair spray for spiking the back and keeping the front flat.




Side swept bang hairstyle is another flattering haircut for short straight hair. The bang becomes a frame of the face. Usually, it is chosen by old women who want to have fresher face look. However, this short hairstyle is not recommended to choose by women with long face shape. It is great for round face. In short, the short straight hairstyles should be placed as the lower level hairstyles.


Short hair for long faces

Short hairstyles for long faces have to be able to reveal the beauty of women which is hidden in unknown place. Having a long face is such a blessing. Chubby face is cute for young girls yet it is not less attractive when women have long face. For those who are hunger to have beautiful look, they can pick short hairstyle for their blessing long face.



For chubby or round face, women prefer to make it less rounder. However, it doesn’t mean that long face should look little bit rounder. Some women might see that long hairstyle is a great option for long face. In fact, short is as great as long hairstyle. Short hairstyle with layer will make women look funky. Spikey could be nice short hairstyle for young women with long face as well. With this hairstyle, they will not need to hide anything. Their neck will not be covered by hair while their hair looks very neat.


Overall, short hairstyles for long faces have some benefits. First, they are able to make women look younger than their actual age. That becomes the reason that women over 40 or 50 prefer to ask their hairstylist to cut their hair off shortly instead of keeping it long. Secondly, short hairstyle is easy to maintain. At least, women don’t need to apply too much hair product. The most important thing is that some short hairstyles are best for long faces. They can enhance the women’s beauty significantly.




In this case, women have to keep in mind that they should choose the most versatile short hairstyle for their long face. It is required in order that their short hairstyle is good for any kind occasions, either formal, semi-formal or even non-formal occasions. In short, short hairstyles for long faces have to give real influence toward the beauty of wearer.


Short with Wavy Hair

Short hairstyles for wavy hair have to support nice texture of the hair. The hairstylists consider wavy hair as one of the most versatile hair because of the texture. However, it is known that maintaining the wavy hair is not an easy task. Women should know more and more about certain techniques to keep their wavy hair stunning and of course healthy. Therefore, short hairstyles should be able to keep the wave healthy.



Combining wave with side swept bang will make short hairstyle level up. It is too many to account that famous celebrities decide to have short hairstyle with side swept bang. According to hairstyle expert’s theory, side swept bang is used to frame women’s face. As the result, face will be a part of body in which people will pay attention most. Meanwhile, short hairstyle will create wavy hair more stunning and visible.




Short hairstyles for wavy hair can be matched with bob as well. Bob is usually used to create volume. It is common technique used by the professional hairstylist not to mention artist’s hairstylists to add volume to the back of hair. The artist might have a problem with hair. The disadvantage of having thin hair due to the face that it doesn’t have volume is solved by creating bob style. Nevertheless, creating bob for wavy hair is quite difficult. Only professional hairstylist might be able to make it properly.



For the times being, women with wavy hairstyle don’t want to make it without any variation. Instead of combining with other styles, they like to add pin to straight some parts of hair. Usually, the pin is used to make asymmetrical bang. In fact, there are a lot of variations of short hairstyles for wavy hair.


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