Super Short Hairstyles for Women Inspired by Celebrities

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Super short hairstyles for women can be a good choice for you to change your look. This hairstyle can make you look fresh and trendy; you can get the inspiration of this hairstyle from celebrities. There are many celebrities who have super short hairstyle such as Miley Cyrus or Anne Hathaway.





However, you have to consider your face shape so that the hairstyle of celebrities will look good on you. The first super short hairstyle inspiration comes from Miley Cyrus, she has fresh and trendy messy short hairstyle, and her look is completely different with her previous style that is long wavy brown hair. Yet, many fans of Miley imitate the latest Miley Cyrus hairstyle. You can try this hairstyle if you have tapered and cute face shape.


The second inspiration comes from Anne Hathaway, she look sexy and fresh with super short hairstyle, the key point of Anne Hathaway is wet look. Her hair looks clean and practical. She does not look like a woman that just woke up from sleep, but the vice versa. She looks fresh and fashionable with super short hairstyles. Anne Hathaway hairstyle can be the inspiration to make super short hairstyles for women. By having this hairstyle, you can easily manage your hair, you can mess up your hair a little to give the impression of messy sexy.




There is also Emma Watson super short hairstyle as your inspiration. If you like Harry Potter movie, you can see the different look of Emma Watson now. She looks elegant and fresh with super short hairstyle. So, you do not need to be afraid in making super short hairstyles. Short hairstyle does not always depict masculinity or tomboy. You will look beautiful with super short hairstyles for women. Hopefully, this information may inspire you in changing your appearance.


Super Short Pixie for Older Women

Short hairstyles for older women will inspire you to change your look. The age of 30 years old is an important age for women because in this age, the women experience higher career, serious dating or even start to think about the family. Even though the women in this age are very busy, but hairstyle definitely needs to be considered. This article will help you to provide the inspiration of hairstyles for mature women. The followings are the hairstyles that you may apply for women in the age of 30 years old and above.



The first hairstyle is pixie hairstyle such as Sharalees Box Of Chocolates. Pixie hairstyle is very suitable to be applied for women with high activities. Short and simple hairstyle like pixie hairstyle does not need extra treatment such as taking a considerable time to wash your hair; the time spent to dry your hair is also short. Short hairstyles for older women are very simple and the treatment is also easy.


This hairstyle does not need too much styling and it is very suitable for women in the age of 30 years old above. The second hairstyle that you may try is Bob hairstyle like Michelle Dockery. You will need to give the volume in the front side of your hair. This hairstyle accentuates natural texture of the hair. This hairstyle is easy to be made and it is suitable for any face shape.




The next hairstyle is Blunt LOB like Olivia Munn. This hairstyle is suitable for you who have round and heart face shape. You can ask this hairstyle to hairdresser or stylish. If you have oval or square face shape, then it is suggested to ask the hairdresser or stylish to take some of layers to provide framing and dimension that can accentuate your cheek bones. Those are Short hairstyles for older women that you need to know.


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