The Best Low Taper Fade Haircut You Must Try in 2021

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The low taper fade haircut is one of the best styles that you must try in 2021. It is the simplest way to add detail to your hairstyle. Using this haircut, it is easy to improve your hairstyle without putting too much effort. There are some reasons why this haircut is becoming more popular. This haircut can keep your hair long on top while tapering it down the back and sides. It is also a cool hairstyle that is easy to maintain, thus it is suitable for men who are busy.





How to Find Your Favorite Low Taper Fade Haircut – Our Top Picks

This low taper fade haircut lets you modify the style to fit your personal style. Another benefit is that it doesn’t require much styling. Thanks to its timeless look and versatile appearance, this haircut looks great in any situation. Now let’s take a good look at some popular styles that we have listed below.


1. The Taper Fade Mohawk


The taper fade Mohawk is the standard taper on the sides and back that you can consider in 2021. Note that the hair on top of your head will be left much longer in length. What does it mean? It means that the hair can be styled like a Mohawk.


2. The High Taper Fade


The next style is the high taper fade which can improve your looks easily. Choose this haircut if you need something simple and stylish for your hairstyle.


3. Afro Taper Fade


If you are a black man looking for a hairstyle that is unique and stylish, then you can consider choosing the Afro taper fade. This haircut is suitable for black men who have kinky or curly hair. By choosing this style, there is no need to put too much effort if you want to look stylish.


4. The Bald Taper Fade Haircut


The next style that should be included on the list is the bald taper fade haircut. This is a perfect style for those who are almost bald or bald. The style looks like the military buzz cut. However, you may notice some differences. The biggest difference is that the fade is shorter. Note that the style goes from the sides to the top of your head.


5. Curly Taper Fade


This is another great style that men with curly hair can consider. The curly taper fade should be considered if you are looking for a hairstyle that works with every style. The best part is that if you have curly hair, this haircut fits you perfectly.



These are some great examples that you can try if you want to change your hairstyle. It doesn’t matter what your choice is, you can pick one of our examples listed above. If you need more intense styles, you can consider using a strong hold gel. However, if you want to go with a lighter style, then you have the option to not style the haircut at all. Simply pick your favorite low taper fade haircut.


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