The Best Low Taper Haircut for Men

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There is no doubt that the low taper haircut is becoming more and more popular these days. Thanks to its stylish versatility, there are lots of variations that men can try with the taper haircut. One of the best advantages of using the taper haircut is that it is easy to maintain, thus it is suitable for men who don’t have a lot of time maintaining their hair. Taper haircuts also offer an easy way to improve your appearance. Check some best low taper haircuts that we have listed below.




Top 5 Best Low Taper Haircuts – Improve Your Appearance with the Best Low Taper Haircut

The following are some best low taper haircuts that you can try. They are stylish and easy to maintain, thus they are suitable for men of all ages.


1. The Low Taper Fade with Beard and Angular Fringe

If you have thick or curly hair, then the low taper fade haircut with beard and angular fringe should be taken into your consideration. This is a perfect style that is easy to maintain. Lots of men realize how frustrating it is when maintaining their hair. Simply apply a fade on the sides which is combined with a messy fringe, you can have an easy yet trendy look.


2. The Low Classic Taper Haircut

Do you need a style that looks great in any situation? If the answer is yes, then you can consider the low classic taper haircut. It is one of the most classic haircuts that lots of men choose. The low classic taper haircut is not only popular due to its trendy look as the haircut can also be styled with pomade to create a slick back or pompadour.


3. Low Neck Taper Fade

It seems that low neck taper fades are under-appreciated. If you have your hair cut, but you are not getting a very short fade on the sides, then you can consider tapering your neckline. This is a simple style that still looks great.


4. Low Taper Fade with Beard

The next choice that you must consider when looking for the best low taper haircut is the low taper fade with beard. The low taper fade with beard is suitable for men who are getting a low fade haircut. By connecting your fade to your beard, it makes you look hot and fashion-forward.


5. Low Taper Fade Cut

For men looking for something a bit more subtle, then a slight low fade on the edge of the hairline can be considered. Note that the hair is largely untouched towards the top. This is another style that you can try if you want to look more stylish in 2020. The low taper fade cut gives a more distinct outline without applying any product. In addition, the low taper fade cut is also suitable for boys.



These are some trendy styles that you can consider the next time you want to change your hairstyle. The low taper haircut is easy to maintain, thus it is suitable for you if you don’t have a lot of time maintaining your hair.


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