The Best Medium Taper Haircut for Men You Can Try in 2021

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A medium taper haircut seems to be a popular choice for men who need a stylish haircut in 2021. It is a style that looks great for men who like short hair, but still want a bit more hair so that they can make some styling at the top. The best thing about choosing taper haircuts is that they never go out of style. They are also easy to maintain and style, making them a perfect choice for men who are busy. Another good reason why you must choose taper haircuts is that you can change the look every day due to various ways of the styling of your crown.


Top 5 Medium Taper Haircuts – Change Your Image with the Right Medium Taper Haircut

Medium length haircuts are suitable for all men as it suits all face shapes, personalities, and hair types. The medium taper haircut can be converted into many elegant and charming hairstyles. If you need some great examples, you can check our list below.


1. The Taper Fade Haircut

Our first choice is the taper fade haircut. It is a great style which can give a more contemporary appearance for men. There are some options that you can try with this haircut. For example, some haircuts end with a hint of fade at the neckline.


2. The Medium Length Taper Haircut

This is a popular option for men who like short hair, but still want a bit more hair. The back of a tapered hairstyle is always short, but the top can be longer or short. This is a cool style that lots of men choose these days.


3. The Side Part Pomp

If you are looking for a classic hairstyle, then the side part pomp should be included on your list. It is available in lots of variations thus you can choose one that fits your hair type. For example, you can try a style that features the typical tapering at the back, but the style stays fresh with the defined side part and a matte finish.


4. The Modern Hairstyle

While a classic style is very popular these days, it is also possible to go with a more modern hairstyle. In fact, some of the current hairstyles for men are updated versions of classic styles. You can try a modern style that features the traditional side part and taper with plenty of volume so that you can create a fresh new look.


5. The Tapered Neckline

The tapered neckline is similar to a fade haircut. The taper can begin down low or up high. This style keeps your hair longer until the neckline. Note that it also features a quick taper which creates a clean cut finish.

Choosing the right style may take some time, but you can try lots of styles that you have never used before. By choosing the new style, you can also explore other hairstyles that fit your hair type and personality. Check our list here and pick your favorite medium taper haircut.


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