The Best Taper Mohawk Haircut Ideas

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Do you find it difficult when looking for the best taper Mohawk haircut? Well, if that’s the case, then we can help you. There are some characteristics that make the taper Mohawk style become a popular choice in 2020. Thanks to its unique look, we can say that the Mohawk haircut is still alive.



Of course, there is no denying that the Mohawk hairstyle is still far from formally accepted in society, but we know that the style can give a different look for men. Now, if you are looking for some good Mohawk haircuts, check our list below.



Top 5 Taper Mohawk Haircuts – The Best Taper Mohawk Haircut in 2020   

There are some amazing taper Mohawk haircuts that you can try. If you have no idea which taper Mohawk haircut that looks great, you can read our list below.


1. High Taper Fade

The high taper fade is the first choice that you can consider if you want to try the taper Mohawk style. You can consider the style as a great base for the mixed haircut. You can shave most of your hair on the sides of your head. Make sure that you leave one or two inches below your hairline. The last step is that you can style the long top as you like.


2. Comb over Mohawk

The next style is the comb over Mohawk. It is a simple hairstyle that comes with a Mohawk. The style will look good on men with straight hair. However, if you choose the comb over Mohawk, make sure that you style it daily so that you can maintain the shape and look.


3. Low Taper Fade with a Beard

The next style is the low taper fade with a beard. It is a style that looks great if you have a beard which can be used as an extension of the hairstyle. The top part of your hair can be style accordance with your preferences. Note that the top part of your hair should be left to be about 3 inches long.


4. Outstanding Mohawk

Do you want to find a cool Mohawk style? If that’s the case, then this hairstyle would be a great choice for you. It is a style that requires careful tapering on the sides. If you want to achieve the look of the outstanding Mohawk, you need to make the sides of your hair look shaved.


5. High and Mighty

High and mighty is another great hairstyle that you can try. High and mighty is actually a simple short taper fade with a Mohawk. If you want to get the best result, you can use your imagination so that you can style the top part.



We know that Mohawk is one of the most controversial styles. Whether you want to choose a modern or traditional Mohawk, it is a great style that you can try if you want to look great. A classic Mohawk can also be considered as it features a crest that varies in length. Check our list here and find your favorite taper Mohawk haircut.


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