Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

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For some men, having thin hair is confusing and creates a lack of confidence. Though you can work around this by changing and choosing the right haircut model. You can hide the flaws of your thin hair by choosing the right hairstyle. Here are recommendations for hairstyles for men with thin hair that you can try for a neater and more attractive appearance.

Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair Recommendations For Stylist And Contemporary Look


1 . Buzz Cut

This haircut is commonly used because it looks quite simple like a soldier. The shape of the cut is to trim the right and left sides of the hair to then leave a little hair at the top.

This short hairstyle will make you look more fresh and light. The treatment is quite easy and not complicated because if you are in a sweaty condition, you will dry easily and rarely have dandruff.


2 . Short Spiky

Next, hairstyles for men with thin hair is short spiky. This haircut is suitable for those of you who have a round face. The shape of the cut is to cut the side of the hair short but still thick in the middle.

It is the middle part of the hair that will create a spiky or spiky effect with the help of gel or wax. Use brushes or just comb with your fingers so that the resulting  spiky shape is maximized.

This hairstyle will make you look more stylish and fresh because the forehead looks a little wider. This will make your round face look oval.


3 . Shaggy Cut

This hairstyle is intended to make your thin hair look thicker. The shape of this hair does look a little disheveled but this is deliberately done to make it look more stylish and contemporary.

You can get this messy bur orderly hairdo with the help of styling creams such as pomade or hair spray, to make it last longer. Comb your hair with your fingers to make the hairdo more fluffy.


4 . Mohawk

This hairstyle will make your appearance more contemporary, cool and masculine. You only need to slightly lengthen the middle part of your hair and shape it upright with the help of pomade or hairspray.


5 . Pompadour

The pompadour haircut model is a bit similiar to the mohawk style. The difference between the two lies in the top part of the hair which is slicked back  to form a high crest.

The shape of the haircuts is to thin the right and left sections of the hair and leave the top part of the hair long. This model will make you more manly.


6 . Caesar Cut

Caesar cut hairstyle is one of recomendations for men who have thin hair. The short haircut with the addition of bangs in the front of the hair will make you look sweet.


Those are some recommendations  that you can choose, for a more stylish and contemporary look. Choose a haircut that suits your face shape and taste.



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