Long Hair Care Tips

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Long hair that looks soft and loose is the dream of many women. From choosing the right hair care produts to eating the right foods, you can keep your hair healthy and shiny with a variety of long hair care tips.

Caring for long hair is not easy. In addition to understanding the steps for proper care, you need to know how to easily deal with various long hair problems such as split ends, hair loss or tangels.

Here are some long hair care tips to stay healthy and look shiny :

1. Cut The Ends Of The Hair Regularly

According to a study, trimming the ends of the hair regularly can reduce further damage to the hair, prevent the growth of split ends, and promote healthier hair growth.

Therefore, to maintain healthy hair and prevent damage, it is recommended that your trim the ends of your hair regularly at least once every 4-6 weeks.


2. Avoiding The Habit Of Washing Too Often


To care for long hair, you should avoid washing or shampooing your hair too often. This habit can make your hair dry and break easily. Ideally, if you don’y have hair problems, it’s recommended to wash your hair 1-2 times a week.

However, for owners of oily hair or scalp that often feels itchy and dirty, you can wash it more often, for example once a day.


3. Using The Right Hair Care Products

Choosing the right shampoo for your hair type is also an important way to keep long hair healthy and shinny. If the shampoo is not suitable for your hair type, it can easily damage your hair.


4. Dry Your Hair Carefully

To avoid quick damage to long hair, it’s best to let your hair dry on its own. If you want to dry your hair with a towel, avoid to rubbing your hair against the towel because it will damage your hair and make it easy to fall out.

If you have decided to use a hair dryer, it is recommended to dry it gently on the lowest heat. However, you should still limit the use of a hair dryer to minimize damage to your hair.


5. Avoid Excessive  Hair Styling

The next long hair care tips is to avoid over styling. Some hairstyles to avoid are coloring hair and straightening or curling hair with flat irons.

Not only that, the habit of pinning hair or locking hair too tightly can also cause hair to break and fall out easily.


6. Maintain A Healthy Diet


Adequate and balance hair nutrition is also important for healthy hair. Experts suggest that a healthy hair diet should contain vitamin A, B, C, D and E. You can get plenty of these vitamins by eating healthy foods such as eggs, fish, lean meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

If the long hair treatment above does not give maximum result or causes hair problems such as hair loss, dullness or damage, you should consult a doctor to get the right treatment.


7. Comb Hair Every Night

You may have heard that brushing your hair every day causes hair loss. However, if you use the right comb, such as from fur, the hair will not break or fall out easily. You can comb your hair before going to bed. It accelerates hair growth.


8. Massage With Oil

Next long hair care tips, don’t just use conditioner. Massage your hair with warm oil, which will make your hair healthy and well groomed.

You can use coconut, olive or lavender oil to make your hair shinny and help it grow better.


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