Some Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50, Improving Your Look In Mature Age

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Short hairstyles for women over 50 are currently released in various styles. It is as a result that many women over 50 still keep up their hairstyles. Having age over 50 does not mean they have to be a grandmother who just lives, eats, and prays at home, the grandmother that should be separated from the social life. They still have right to get their styles, following the trend and living social life, and so on. Therefore, there are still many hairstyles for women over 50 that are currently released by some website.


There are some examples of  short hairstyles for women over 50. The first is flirty hair. Flirty hair has very short in the back. It is styled in order to have easy maintenance with a little length in front and on top for more styling options. The second is super fab chic hair. This style is short and sweet.




It is very easy to style and has low maintenance. The important tip to use this style is that we have to always use a heat protection for hairstyle requiring a blow dryer or flat. The last is flipped out bob. It has a lot of textures.


Short Hair with Glasses

Short hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses have it’s own hairstyles. Glasses are accessory of face which can effect someone appearances. Someone can be more beautiful or bad due to her glasses. As a fact, glasses also have effect for women’s hairstyles.



This results to the fact that women over 50 with glasses have to choose the appropriate hairstyles when using glasses. In order to choose the most appropriate hairstyles for all of you who have glasses, there are some references here. It can be your choice if you like it, or you can choose another choice if you don’t like it.


Here it is textured out. Textured out is an example of short hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses. In this style, there are lots of textures on the layered hairstyle. It has very smooth bangs which keeps it from looking awesome. It is very favorite style among women who using glasses.




The first thing to style this hair, we have to wait until the hair is dry. When it comes, pull the texturizing product such as hair wax or hair glue through the ends to piece them out. For the bangs, we can use a flat iron in order to get the smoothness.



Very Short with Pixie

Very short hairstyles are the most favorite hairstyles rather than long hairstyles or medium hairstyles. There are some reasons why short hairstyles become the favorite styles. The reasons are that women over 50 usually have some hair problems such as hair fall, broken hair, baldness, and dandruff.



Therefore, long and medium hairstyles are rarely become those women’s choice. Moreover, having long hairstyles and dandruff with long hairstyles are annoying. It makes them more uncomfortable. Then, they leave the long hairstyles. As a result, the very long hairstyles become the most women over 50’s favorite choice.




Sexy pixie is an example of very short hairstyles for women over 50. Pixie is usually used by the young women. However, it is also sexy to use by the women over 50. Sexy pixie is really short hairstyles. To make this style, we need to wash and dry the hair. After drying, we can apply the product through the hair and style with our fingers. What an easy style it is. The thing we have to notice is that it is needed to use razor to get the best texture in your cut. Make sure to use the fresh blade in order to get the texture rather instead of fuzz.



Short for Fine Hair

Short hairstyles for fine hair have many various styles rather than who have not fine hair. Having fine hairstyle is such luck for women over 50 years old because mostly women will have bad hair at that age. Almost women over 50 suffer hair fall, broken hair, and even baldness due to their age. It is hard to find the old women over 50 who have fine hair. Thus, they should thank god for having fine hair over 50. Moreover, having fine hair is a benefit for them because they could have some hairstyles easily and differently.



One beautiful example of short hairstyles for women over 50 with fine hair is polished with full bodied bob. This style is smooth and full of asymmetrical bob. The hairstyle that is frames the face with subtle bangs. Moreover, other fringe pieces can lighten up the face.



This is an appropriate example for women over 50 whose fine hair. To style this hairstyle, you need to use styling product before blowing in order to extend volume and heat protection. We also can use flat iron to pull hair without taking out the body for more smoothness result. In addition, it can be added with the colors.


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