30 Short Summer Hairstyles for Refreshing Look in 2021

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Short summer hairstyles have been so popular recently. High demand from fashionable women force the hairstylists to think creatively in order to get the most amazing short hairstyle for hot summer. In this case, the short hairstyle shouldn’t be just short. It should be stylish and practical during summer. Therefore, the professional hairstylist has to think twice before restyling his or her customers’ hair.




In summer, women prefer to have short hairstyle. Summer needs refreshment. Therefore, having long hairstyle is not a correct choice. With that kind of hairstyle, they will be sweaty so easily especially when they spend much time in outdoor. In order to avoid it, cutting their hair shortly is highly recommended.


There are too many options of short summer hairstyles to account. They could be short bob hairstyle, short layered hairstyle, or even pixie hairstyle. The last one is the most extreme short hairstyle. Pixie is considered as the shortest hairstyle right now. In fact, this hairstyle is not only popular during summer.


It has been the first choice for some women who need to be stylish in any time without having to spend much time in front of mirror. Career women and young girls are those who have been falling in love with this very short hairstyle. During summer, pixie hairstyle will not make them annoyed since it is very refreshing.




However, before choosing the short summer hairstyles, they have to make sure that the selected short hairstyle is correct for their face. They have to know that not all short hairstyles are great for any face shapes. Besides, they have to think about the type of hair as well. For those who have thin hair, it is strongly recommended to pick the short layered hairstyle. This is one of the best short summer hairstyles for this type of hair.



Short Hair for Round Faces

Short hairstyles are nice to try if you have a round face shape. Do not too worry if you have chubby cheek. You do not need to do tight diet or tiring exercise to make your face slim. It is because those trials and efforts will take long time, and the results are unpredictable. If you want to make your face look slimmer, you might choose the best hairstyle which is fit to your face shape. The right hairstyle can hide the chubby cheek of your fat face. So, here they are some hairstyles you have to try.



You can be unworried anymore because with a little magic of right cut on your hair, you will look perfect. First, you are advised to avoid the straight hairstyle. If you still want to have a straight hairstyle, you can make some layered on it. The layers will give the hair volume and balance it to your face.


Besides, you also need to notice about the hair partition. The partition in the middle will make your face look heavier, so the side apart is perfect to take the attention on the cheek away and bring it to your forehead. Then, there are still many other short summer hairstyles for round faces you can try.



Moreover, it is important to have bangs on your face to bring the attention away from your cheeks. The side swept bangs are the best cut for you. However, you must notice too, that the wispy bang is better than the heavy ones.



You have been told before that straight hair is a big no for round face, so you can make your hair curly or wavy to draw the focus to the hair around your cheek. Therefore, be slimmer with short hairstyles.


Summer hair for Fine Hair

Short hairstyles for fine hair are one of the good types of hair to try.  Hair is one of the important body parts of the beauty. Every person in this world has hair since baby. However, not every person has the same hair because they have their own characteristics.



These characteristics can be seen easily. The first, thing that make it different is the form. There are 2 kinds of form which are curly and straight each of which is unique. Second, it is the color of the hair. There are many hair colors such as blond, red, black and brown.



The last characteristic is about the texture of the hair. There are 2 kinds of textures which are fine and thick hair. The first one, thick hair, is the types of hair that have bold structure. It is known for its strength. However, the weakness of it is it is harder to arrange.




Second, it is fine hair. It is known its soft and thin texture. It is more flexible than thick hair. But, it is also known for its weakness which is easy to fall. To find good hair for this one you need to learn about short hairstyles for fine hair.


Now, if you have natural fine hair, there are some good examples of short fine hair to try. First, it is soft pixie. Pixie is one of the popular choices for short hair. It will give you a cute and feminine look with the short hair. It is very suitable for people who have round face.


Second, it is texture pixie. It is the same as before but with more texture. It is one of the short hairstyles for fine hair that can make you look alike younger and stylish than before. Besides that, it is also easier to make.



Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Summer hairstyles for thick hair are the kind of hairstyle which is designed for those kinds of women that has the thick hair. As we all know that there is lots of hairstyle which is available in the market one of them is the shot hairstyle so if you are looking for the kind of suitable short hairstyles for women then you should also consider about the suitable short hairstyle that will suit the women with the thick hair.



You need to analyze the kind of hair that you have such as the length the color and also the kind of your hair.  As we all know that there are lots of kind of short hairstyles with thick hair that are available in the market that might good in your eyes but you should make sure to find the suitable one that will fit your face shape and also your hair. In this kind of situation you are going to need the kind of situation you are going to need some kind of help or suggestion or even recommendation from the expert.



If you want to have the suitable short hairstyle for women who have the thick hair then you better do some kind of research first such as collecting some of the beautiful women with the perfect choice of the short hairstyles that you can take easily from the magazine or from the internet.



You can compare from one another so that finally you can come to the conclusion which one is the suitable for you to choose, which is of course suitable with the kind of hair that you have and also suitable with the kind of face shape the you have. At the end you will have the suitable short summer hairstyles for thick hair.



Sassy Short Hairstyles to make you Cuter

Sassy hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyle for teenage girl. The sassy and cute look provided by this hairstyle can enhance the appearance and performance of any teenage girl. Yes, by having this hair style many teenage girl believe that they can have more confidence and can have better social relationship with their friends.



The greatest feature in this hair style is located in the sassy look that is provided by this hair style. Sassy look will make any teenage girl look cuter and more interesting than a bold and gorgeous appearance.


Having a sassy and cute appearance is a very suitable for any girls in their teenage years. Girl in teenage phase will be more suitable to look cute rather than gorgeous. The greatest charms in a teenage girl are their innocence and cuteness. Therefore enhancing this feature with the sassy short summer hairstyle is a wise decision that will support your social relationship in the future.



In order to take care of this hair style you need to perform some simple maintenance such as brushing the hair frequently and giving your hair vitamins that will give your hair a healthier look. To make things better giving some shine to your hair will make your appearance cuter.


Straight with Bangs

Short straight hairstyles have many various this days. Women usually use this hairstyle to look cute, sexy and elegant. Straight hair is good for any girl who used it. But straight hair is rare for women, because many of women’s hair are curly. Short hair is good for women who have thin body.



Women who have thin body looked cute with this hairstyle. They feel proud with their appearance. Short hairstyle looked trendy in celebrity. For examples are Rihanna, Emma Watson, and Miley Cyrus. They look so cute with their hairstyle with their thin body. Even their skins are different, they all cute.




There are some examples for short hairstyles for women. First is pixie hairstyle. This model is looked different from other model such as with bangs and funky hairstyle. Pixie is the shortest hairstyle model. If people look women used this model, they thing if the pixie’s user are men. It is possible because pixie model is very short hairstyle.


Pixie is different with bangs. If women use bangs, they look so sexy. Bangs is suitable for women who want to look trendy and glamour. Usually, bangs user use conditioner to treat their front hair. Front hair is loot of damage with dust, wind and, heat.


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