How to Choose the Best All around Taper Haircut

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An all around taper haircut is often adapted by black men’s hairstyles. However, it can also be used for men who want to look stylish and unique. Well, this taper haircut is different than the high or low taper fade as it is cut with scissors instead of clippers. Best of all, this haircut is also easy to maintain and you can also modify the haircut to your personal style. You can find various styles such as the taper fade afro and the low taper fade with the beard. In other words, it is one of the best styles that men can’t go wrong.



Top 5 All around Taper Haircuts – Choose the Right All around Taper Haircut


Men love this all around taper haircut because it works well with all hair types and face shapes. What you get is a cool style that can strike the balance between professional and casual. If you are looking for a tidy haircut for your job or you want to get a polished style, then this haircut is your best choice. Now let’s see some best examples that we have listed below.


1. The Low Taper Fade with Beard

If you want to go with a low fade haircut, then you can consider using a beard fade. It is a cool haircut which lets you connect your beard to your fade, helping you to create a trendy hairstyle.  Choose this haircut if you don’t want to use hair products.


2. Long Comb over Taper with Beard


The next style is the long comb-over taper with beard. Choose this style if you don’t want to have a very short hairstyle. The long comb over taper is a great choice for men who want to hide a receding hairline. This haircut is also suitable for men who have thin hair. Simply ask your hairstylist to create a long taper on the sides. Don’t forget that you can also style a long comb over on top.


3. Low Classic Taper with Brushed Back Hair


This is one of the most classic hairstyles that you can consider if you want to apply a bit more styling. Using pomade, it is easy to create a slick back or pompadour haircut.


4. Hight Taper Fade with Textured Slick Back


The next style is the tight taper fade. It is a perfect hairstyle for men wanting to create a unique look. This haircut is easy to maintain and the best part about choosing this style is that you don’t have to use hair products.


5. Hard Side Part


The hard side part is another style that you can try if you want to have a stylish haircut with the beard. With the addition of the beard, it can make the haircut look very masculine. Choose this one and you can change your look throughout the week.



This haircut can be styled in various ways so that you can find a style that fits your personal preference. To get the best result, you can also use good-quality hair products so that you can keep your taper at its best. This all around taper haircut helps you create a stylish look in a more creative way.


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