Best Short Tapered Haircuts for Natural Hair

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Short tapered haircuts for natural hair can offer a stylish look without wasting a lot of time. In fact, a short tapered haircut can be a viable option for transitioning. This haircut can be styled in a variety of looks. If you have no idea where to start, then you can read our tips here. We have listed some amazing styles for short tapered haircuts that you can try. Check these out!


Choose the Best Short Tapered Haircuts for Natural Hair

Take a good look at our list here and find your favorite short tapered haircuts for natural hair.


1. Tapered Curls with Edge Control

This is the first style that can be considered if you are looking for a cool short tapered haircut. This style makes use of laid down edges to create some dimension and shape around your face. If you want to get the best result for this style, then you must find the right product. The main reason why you must find the proper product is that some edge control tends to lose its hold throughout the day.


 2.Tapered Mohawk Curls

If you are a woman looking for a style that can improve your appearance, then tapered Mohawk curls can be considered. In fact, lots of women like the idea of having tapered curls around the sides and back of the style as it can create a glamorous but feminine take on the Mohawk style. The tapered haircuts back view can be included on the list if you are a woman looking for a style that is simple and easy to maintain.


3. Tapered Curls with Accessories

Tapered curls with accessories look great for women who want to use accessories so that they can make their short hairstyle feel appropriate for a special occasion. Simply use a twist out method if you want to get spiral textured curls in your short natural hair.


4. Blonde Tapered Curls

The next style listed here is the blonde tapered curls. This style is great for slimming and elongating the face. By using the blonde tapered curls, you can also create a professional vibe. To get the best result, you can use a lighter honey blonde color throughout the top. This color can also give a natural feel for your short hair.


5. Sculpted Tapered Curls

This is another style that you can consider if you want to create a side-parted look with bangs that sweep across your forehead. There are some reasons many women love sculpted tapered curls. For example, this style is suitable for women who want to avoid a curly cut. If you want to minimize your large forehead, sculpted tapered curls can also be considered.



There are some women who may think that short hairstyles make them look masculine. This is not true if you choose the right short hairstyle. You can some types of tapered haircuts listed here so that you can improve your appearance. Overall, short tapered haircuts for natural hair can look funky and fresh as long as you can find the right style.   


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