Bring a Taste of Personality with Tapered Haircuts on Natural Hair

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Tapered haircuts on natural hair bring a unique style for women wanting to look great in 2020. The tapered haircut is sleek and edgy. In fact, it can instantly give your face a natural lift. The best thing about choosing the tapered haircut is that there are lots of variations, thus you can pick one that fits your face shape. If you are not sure which haircut that fits your lifestyle, we can help you. Check our list below!




Top 5 Tapered Haircuts on Natural Hair

Tapered haircuts on natural hair are perfect for women who want to get a short style with options. For example, short tapered natural haircuts let you create a look that fits your fashion sense and lifestyle needs.  Check our list below and find the best style that you like the most.


1. Carefree Natural Spirals

When dealing with unprocessed hair, the best way to manage this type is to let it be. If you try to manage it with hairstyle products, it may create lackluster looks. A better solution is to use a little bit of molding pomade on your hair. You can also experiment with your facial features by using some items such as highlighter and false lashes.


2. The Tapered Rainbow Hairdo

Another great tapered haircut that you can try is to create a style that resembles a rainbow. If your hair is too short, make sure that you don’t try to cram many colors in your hair. Instead, you can stick with one or two complementary hues like burgundy and caramel.


3. Side Bang for Natural Curls

If you want to create a retro look, then you can consider a style that comes with a long side bang and tapered nape. This hairstyle looks modern with chunky hoops and an ornate septum piercing. This style can also give you a cute look without wasting a lot of time.


4. Tapered Straw Set

Natural hair can take on whatever texture that you want to choose. The key is that you know what tools that you must use. If you want to get really tight and thin curls in short styles, the best item that you can consider is the straws. You can use the drinking utensil so that you can create an enviable look.


5. Natural Hair with Curves

For women who have a square or angular face, there is no denying that adding softness without looser layers and waves can be quite difficult. However, it is still possible to mimic the wavy pattern of delicate curls by having the hairline cut into a curved shape. This step is done to frame your face and direct the eye to the fullest part of your cheek.



Lots of black women spend money on hair relaxers weaves. There is nothing wrong with doing this, but there is a cheap option available. It is still possible to look gorgeous by adding a twist to the natural hair. To conclude, tapered haircuts on natural hair are not only sexy, but they are also easy to maintain.


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