Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair to Get Real Confident

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Easy hairstyles for short hair commonly become choice right now. Short hairstyle is considered as easy maintenance hairstyle. Therefore, a lot of women forget about keeping their hair longer. They change their hairstyle into the short one. Besides, short hairstyle has been trend recently.



There are some celebrities who have made decision to have short haircut. It could be a sign of the fashion trend change. When the long hairstyle has been dominated in the fashion world for long time, the time for long hairstyle is over. Easy short hairstyle has turned over.


When women ask about easy short hairstyle, they can take a look at the short hairstyle which has been selected by world class actresses. Rihanna could be one of them. This famous female singer is well-known with side swept short hairstyle with bang. Indeed, she has ever tried other hairstyles.


Nevertheless, short swept bang short hairstyle seems to be her characteristic right now. Her hairstylist makes the short hairstyle sleek. Actually, it has been trend for almost all easy hairstyles for short hair. The hair is managed in order to have sleek look.


Women might have funky style. Young women prefer to look “out of the box”. It means that they don’t want to be like usual women. Spikey really belongs to young women. The nuance of funky is really embedded in this short hairstyle. It is different with the previous one.




This is included as messy and easy hairstyles for short hair. When they want to restyle this kind of short hairstyle, they only need to apply gel to create spiking look. In this case, there are a lot of products for spiking. The product depends on the type of their hair. Even though this hairstyle is less formal, the spikey hairstyle is regarded as one of the nicest easy hairstyles for short hair for formal occasions like for work.



Short Shaggy Hairstyles

Short shaggy hairstyles can only be achieve when the hairstylist is able to section off and at the same time cut the hair into varying layers. Actually, it is the basic idea of short shaggy hairstyle. For some professional hairstylists, they don’t face serious problem when they have to create short shaggy hairstyle.



It is because of versatility of this hairstyle. Compared to some other short hairstyles, this one is so versatile. It is almost best for any type of face. Besides, it works well for any type of hair as well. Therefore, they don’t need to think much about the type of face and hair of their clients. Skill and creativity are the only things that make the short shaggy hairstyle marvelous.


There are various short shaggy hairstyles which can be picked to change women’s appearance. The first choice is short messy shag. It is very sleek and easy to wear. Like the other shaggy hairstyles, it is very versatile. The main characteristic of this short shaggy haircut is that it creates volume and height at the same time. When women ask the hairstylist to add different length of layers, texture will be made.


Meanwhile, graduated short bob hairstyle offers the shorter hair. With this hairstyle, their hair at the back will be little bit shorter than the front hair. As the result, the back of the head will have mode volume and texture. The professional hairstylists suggest this hairstyle to choose for those who intend to have feminine look. This hairstyle makes them show off their neck and also soft the line of their chin.




Short shaggy haircut is great for certain occasion like work. However, it is little bit less formal. They need to restyle it when they want to attend in formal parties, for instance. Creating swept side bang is simple way to have forma short shaggy hairstyles.


Short Bob with Wavy Hair

Short wavy bob hairstyles are one of most popular hairstyles for women that can enhance your appearance into a greater degree. Having a short hair is a nice addition for people that do not want to wasting their precious time for taking care of their hairstyles.



Yes, by having short hair, busy people can easily maintain their hairstyle with little time and then continue to work on their activities. This feature is very useful and can be a great alternative if you are bored with long hairstyles. To make things better, if you are using this hairstyles you can get different impression and personality.


Short wavy bob hairstyles greatest features located in its bob style hair. The bob features will make you look cute and innocent and giving a slight new impression that can charm any person who sees you. In order to maintain this hairstyle you only need to frequently brush the hair in specific time, such as in the morning and night.




In addition to brushing your hair, you also need to wash your hair frequently so your hair can keep healthy and give dazzling aura. In conclusion, having this hairstyle will provide you with many benefits, especially for busy person with many activities.


Short Choppy Hair

Choppy short hairstyles can be a great idea for your hairstyle if you are confused to think on what kinds of hairstyle that will suitable with your appearance. Having this kinds of hair style give you various benefits. This hair style is especially good for teenager because it can make you look cuter and innocent.



In addition to make you cuter and innocent this unique hairstyle can also be performed quite easily without any difficulty even by beginner. However, it is still advised to go to the professional in order to get this hair style for your hair to avoid any unnecessary failure and mistakes.


Choppy short hairstyles are a perfect hairstyle for people who have straight hair types or hair textures because it will be easier for them to maintain the hairstyle. Even though this hair style is better for straight hair types it does not mean that people who have curly hair type or textures cannot use it.




The only difference is that you will need to maintain it more frequently than people who have straight hair style texture. In conclusion, this hairstyle is a good all-around hairstyle that will enhance your appearance and confidence to some degree.


Short Spiky Hairstyles

Short spiky hairstyles can be one of the alternatives of short haircut for some women. Year by year the enthusiasm of short haircut is getting raise. It is not only popular for men now, but it is also popular for some women. As its simplicity, short haircut is chosen by some women around the world.



There are some variations of short haircut. Some old style like bob hairstyles are still dominated for some women who want to apply short haircut to their hair. Bowl haircut is also one of the popular short haircuts for some women around the world.


One of the most raising in short hairstyle is spiky. This hairstyle is the result in modifying of pixie hairstyle which is cut in shorter length and messy cut. Short spiky hairstyles for women are now getting its popularity around the world. This kind of hairstyle is commonly used by some public figures, especially for those who work in music and movie industry.




Spikey hairstyle is the shortest hair length among all short haircut, except bald of course. This hairstyle can give less weight of hair to the user. Some people believe that spiky can give masculine and energetic look for women. So, some of them say that it is only suit for men. But, for those who look for another fresh short haircut, this style can be recommended to be applied to their hair.


Short Messy Hair

Short messy hairstyles are needed to create a different look, depending on its need. For instance, if you have already a short and straight hair, you can make a curly effect to your hair layer. Iron your layer hair with curly iron. Don’t put too much curl on it, just make it messy but still fresh.



Or you can have your bob haircut a messy bird-nest.  Another style of messy hair with your bob haircut is giving a wispy ends that flatter your round-faced. A layered bob haircut that is undercut at the bottom allows you for a low-maintenance style.




Already have a very short haircut? Just add a wax to your hair. Make it messy to give a fresh look. For you who have emo-style ear-length shag, better you comb it with your hand to leave a messy look. Wanting to have a musician look? Just make a single asymmetric style back on your short hair that bring different look. Short messy hairstyles for women can be used for all types of hair, whether it’s semi-wavy and straight.


Short Shaved

Short shaved hairstyles are broadly introduced by singers Rihanna and other celebs. Worrying about the common style? No more. Take a look at Rihanna’s hairstyle. She decided to longer her black hair and shaven side. It is suitable for her. You can have it even with your short haircut. Or you may try her other style. A short cut applied to her hair fits with her face. She left her hair almost bald, leaving longer hair in between and playing with it.



Another short shaved hairstyles that you can try is shave your hair at half. It can be left side or right side. Leave the rest by curling it with iron like Toni Braxton did. This will give messy effect but still catchy. Or you can try a half-shaved bob haircut. The part that you can shave is one side of your hair or your back hair.




If you think shaving your one side of your hair is common, you may try shaving your back hair. You bob haircut will look perfect and unique. Remember, shaving your hair doesn’t mean you have to be looked as ‘bad’ person. A right shaved haircut will make your appearance up to date.


Short Emo Hairstyles

Short emo hairstyles can really give you new kinds of personality and impression if you do it properly. Emo hairstyle usually focuses to make their user mysterious and look gloomy. Therefore it is a good thing that we search for some references before we randomly try to put any emo hairstyle for your hair.



First thing we need to do is to make sure you choose the right emo hair with your hair types or hair textures. If you are choosing the wrong emo hair style you have high chance to damage your hair and making it feels odd and strange.


Second, you need to see the prerequisite tools or spray that you need to buy in order to maintain your hair style, because emo hair style need a proper maintenance that need to be do frequently too keep the style intact. Third, it is not advised to cut your hair yourself because emo hair style usually has high difficulty to make it successful.



Therefore it is very advised to go to any professional hair dresser before you are going to perform short emo hairstyles to enhance your appearance to some degree. Having this hairstyle can change your appearance and make you more confident.


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