The Beauty of having Short Hairstyles for Women with Bangs

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Short hairstyles for women with bangs can be quite an interesting option for you to apply. If you have long hair, you can choose to cut your hair shorter. Short hair will make your appearance look more fresh and confident. In addition, you can also provide accessories such as cute earrings with a wide selection of styles.


Therefore, if you want to have a different appearance, you can choose a short hairstyle. In general, there are many short hairstyles that you can apply. One of them is a short hairstyle with bangs. Bangs hairstyles are very popular with many women. Both long hair and short hairstyles can apply this. However, for those of you who have short hair, you can choose this hairstyle.


Every woman has a different face shape. Especially for those of you who have a chubby face, you should be careful in determining the choice of hairstyle. Moreover, the hairstyle you choose a short hair. However, you do not need to worry because you can choose short hairstyles with bangs sideways. Of course, the sideways bangs will make your face look slimmer and gorgeous looks




Your face that is chubby be covered by your hair bangs. However, you should avoid long bangs because it will make your face look chubbier. You certainly do not want your appearance look bad, is not it? Therefore you should choose sideways bangs as the right choice.


Some women who have a chubby face feel less confident with the shape of their faces. If wrong in choosing a hair style, their appearance will be less confidence. Therefore, if you have a chubby face, you should be careful in determining the choice of hairstyle. You can apply the short hairstyles for women with sideways bangs so that your face looks slimmer. With this hairstyle you will appear more leverage.




Bob with Bangs

Short bob hairstyles with bangs become a symbol of classic style. But why do many women like to have this kind of short hairstyle. It is because there are many variations. When women have already had short hair, they can try different look of short bob hairstyle with bang. They don’t need to go to a professional hairstylist to make it happen. They only need to read review of this hairstyle. They might understand the different types of bang in order to have different look of short bob hairstyle.



Asymmetrical bang is the first type of bang. It is very effective to grow out the bang. As the result, women will not get any bang for their forehead. The bob look will be clearly seen even though people might highlight the bang. This bang is swept only in one side of the face. It is just like side-swept bang. They can choose whether they want to make it on the right or left side.


Another alternative for short bob hairstyles with bangs is straight bang. Straight bang is the next type of bang which offers a retro look. Unlike the asymmetrical bang, this straight bang will be across the front of women’s forehead. They need to create layers which are quite long falling around their jawline. Meanwhile, the short layers are created in the back till the nape of neck.




Actually, there are still many other bang styles. Regardless different types of bang, it has to be known that not every bang works well for women. It should be fitted with type of face. Short bob hairstyle will be more stylish when it is combined with correct bang. Short bob hairstyles with bangs will make sure that women can show off their best appearance in front of many people.


Short straight with Bangs

Short hairstyles for straight hair are the information you will get in here. People are sometimes upset for having straight hair type. Some think that it is very hard to get the most suitable hairstyle for this type of hair. In fact, there are many selection of straight hair. Short hairstyle for straight hair is recently the most favorite celebrities’ hairstyle.



Of you know these celebrities follow;  Maria Bello, Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, Coco Rocha, and Diem Brown, the all have straight hair type have tried to have short hairstyle. Causal short hair hairstyle is the most suitable one for it is nice and quick to make. It is especially that you will have better hair condition when it gets longer.


Her are some short straight hairstyles which you can try; conceive bob is a fancy hairstyle with suits with fine to medium hair. Want to have shot funky hairstyle? Then you can choose Miley Cyrus’ hairstyle. She has clipper cut style with swept over bangs to another side. It looks cool, funky and brave. Not too short, this hairstyle still has long layers which are cut through the back and it is very easy to care and maintain.




Another cool hairstyle is tapered haircut which remains smoothed bangs on the top and is swept over the other side. The last short hairstyle is Cynthia Nixon’s; her hair is cropped from the two sides and back and while the bangs are left quite longer and are styled to the left.



Super Short Hair with Bangs

Super short hairstyles for women are one kind of haircut model. The result of this model is very short, so, the users who use it like a man. This haircut fades into the background of women attitude, style, and features. The result of this model is so simple.



The process of this model is need a high creativity and carefulness. If this hairstyle goes wrong, people can see it clearly. So that makes the user of super short hairstyle so embarrassed. There are threeexamples of super short hairstyles. Such as; very short hair with long front bangs, very short layers, and very short pixie cut.


First example of super short hairstyle model is very short hair with long front bangs. This model is usually used by women that have stylish appearance. They covered up one of her eyes so that they looked so cool by women itself. Or maybe this model used by women who have acne in their forehead.




Second is a very short layer.  This model used by women who have a thick hair. They cut the hair just a little. The last is very short pixie. This model usually used by women who have an oval face. It’s suitable for them so that they looked so sexy.


Short Funky Hair with Bangs

Short punky hairstyles for women are suitable for those who have long-shaped face. But for you who have other face shapes, there are more specific hairstyles to be applied. There are some short punk hairstyles that can be applied to your hair. The first is Trendy Style. With bangs and layered hair, this style looks fit into you who have heart-shaped face. Or try the Colored-Punk Style. You can have your side hair very short, leaving the middle part longer. To make it look different, put different color against your hair. This is suitable for any colors of hair.



The other short punky hairstyles for women are Cool Style. For you who are chubby-cheeked, this style is suitable for you. Take your side a bit longer, and left the rest of the side hair short. Make the middle part longer and make a mohawk style on it.




Or you can try Layered Short Punky style. Layer-cut all side of your hair and leave bangs. You may add color or more than one color applied to your hair. Definitely, short punky hair is created for you who have the challenge and confident. Want to change your calm personality? Try on it and become a surprise-maker!



Short Textured with Bangs

Short textured hairstyles with bangs are suitable to be applied when you are attending a party or hanging out with friends. There is a simple style by Lena Dunham. She had a short hair. Her layers through the sides and back were pinched to achieve a textured effect.



Her bangs that are jagged cut are smoothed down. For you who are long-faced, having layers that are jagged cut is perfect to achieve a textured look. The bangs are swept to the side and down to soften your face. Or you may try a medium to long layers that are jagged cut through the sides and back mane. This will make a textured look.




You may try other short textured hairstyles for women by bringing ‘cool-and-funky’ style. Taper your sides and back hair into the head, blend it into the hair which is jagged to gain a textured look. Put a wax to make it looks great. Already have bob haircut? You can jag cut your bob hair through the length to allow for a texture effect. This looks great applied to those who had a natural kink in their locks. What are you waiting for? Let’s be prepared to be a spotlight among the crowd!


Curly with Bangs

Curly hairstyles with bangs are one of the popular hairstyles. There are many kinds of hairstyles used by many people around the world. It is also one of hairstyles which make the user be more beautiful since that it is a hairstyle most of women would like to have today.



The more you look at it, the more you will find the charms of that style. This kind of style is used by women who have lacks of confidence on herself. However, men rarely seen using this style since they have short hair and do not likely to have it.


Nowadays, this kind of hairstyles is one of the most popular styles which make the user become more beautiful when someone look at them. This happen because the curly hairstyles with bangs is a style which have some unique shape that create some kind of curiosity on people who look at it.



These styles become unique, because the shape of the hair is building more in the front, so the hair is look different than any normal style people use, especially women with long hairs and wants to make their hairs shorter than before, they use this style as reference.


The way this style looks is different when the person who has it is also different. Not many people, women mainly, have the face which suits the curly hairstyles with bangs and it means that this styles is a special style which create a women who have normal hairstyles, become more elegant and charming when they use this style.



When they change their reference into this style, they also change into someone different which means that women who have long hair will be different with women who have this style. Therefore, women will prefer use this style as their style.


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