Hairstyles for Women with Long Faces

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Choosing the right hairstyle can give a woman  a different look. Hairstyle for women with long faces are one of the things that quite a lot of people are looking for information on.

The hairstyle used by a person is influence by various things, one of which is the shape of the face. The owners of long or oval faces can also use certain hairstyles to be able to appear more beautiful.


Recommended Hairstyles for Women with Long Faces 

Just like owners of other face shapes, owners of oval faces also need tp find a suitable hairstle for women with long faces to show the charm of their faces. Mistakes in choosing a hairstyle can spoil the look.

You can also have a face that looks older if you choose the wrong hairstyle. Here are 3 recommended hairstyles for owners of oval faces that you must try.

  • Middle Parted Straight Hair

Are you the owner of an oval face who doesn’t want to stand out too much? If so, then you can choose straight hair with a middle part. This hairstyle for women with long faces is perfect to choose.

Even though it looks plain with a middle part, this hairstyle can give a firm impression on your face. This hairstyle is often chosen in several fashion shows to be used by female models with oval faces.


  • Short Hair with Bangs

If you don’t want to have long hair , you can cut your hair short to shoulder length or shorter than that. You can combine this hairstyle for women with long faces with bangs, both side bangs and front bangs.

The existence of these bangs will make your face look wider so that the length of your face is not too conspicuous. Your face will look more proportional to your presence on this pony. You can also combine yellow with straight or curly hair according to your taste.


  • Long Shaggy Hair

The next hairstyle for women with long faces that shouldn’t be missed is long shaggy hair. Side hair can make your face look not too long and give a younger impression on your face.

Choose layered accents when using this hairstyle so that your hair still looks neat even if you use a shaggy cut. You can also choose straight or curly hair according to your taste to give a fresh look.


That’s 3 hairstyles recommendations for women with long faces that you can choose to get more a beautiful facial appearance. The hairstyle does have a big enough role in determining the appearance of person’s face.

Whatever face shape you have, basically you can still give an attractive appearance if you choose the right hairstyle. Some hairstyles can also give a different impression of your personality. Apart from choosing hairstyle for women with long faces, taking good care of your face and hair is also an important point. Make sure the condition of your hair and face is always healthy, clean and well maintained so that your appearance can remain organized.

Taking care of yourself to look beautiful and attractive on front of others, doesn’t always have to be done by using expensive products. Making sure you have a neat look with your hair can also make you look great.

Choose the right hairstyle for women with long faces and take good care of your hair. Your hair will be a charm in itself if cared for properly.


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