Restore Youth with a Cool Bald Taper Haircut

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Choosing a bald taper haircut is a good idea if you want to improve your looks.  There are some advantages that you can expect if you choose bald fade haircuts. The main benefit is its clean look. You can go with longer hair on the top and you can also experiment with its textures. The best part about choosing bald fade haircuts is that you can forget your comb and styling products. Now let’s take a good look at some great styles that you can try in 2020.




Top 4 Bald Taper Haircuts – Learn to Look Sexy with a Bald Taper Haircut

Check some good examples below and you can find your favorite bald taper haircut.


1. The Balanced Cut with Beard

This is the first style that you can consider if you want to change your style. The balanced cut with beard can work similar to layers in longer looks. The haircut provides a great structures silhouette to your hair on top. It also balances a full beard on the bottom. Another good thing is that it provides an interesting texture in the middle which is great if you want to get a clean look.


2. Professional Bald Fade Side Part

The next style is the professional bald fade side part. It is a perfect style that you can include on the list if you are looking for a more work-appropriate fade haircut. The style is less aggressive and more polished. There are some ways that you can do if you want to enhance its look. For example, you can style the hair as a sleek comb over with part. It is the best option that you can choose if you want to add a dapper retro twist to your look.


3. Half and Half

When choosing the right bald taper fade haircut, there is no need to choose just one cut or length. In fact, you can combine everything that you want into one show-stopping style. Simply add a slick side part on one side and a high skin fade on the other side. This is a cool style that you can choose if you want to get one that offers a split personality.


4. Wonderful Wild Waves

If you want to create contrast in lengths, then wonderful wild waves should be taken into your consideration. The style comes with the sexy stubble on the bottom and taper fade on the sides. Choose this style if you want to look different. You would be surprised by the final result offered by wonderful wild waves. It is a great style that men must choose in 2020.



These are some best ideas that you can try if you are looking for a new hairstyle in 2018. While it is true that the hairstyle is extremely popular, you need to do something to set yourself apart from the rest. By choosing the right bald taper haircut that fits your hair type and personal preferences, you can make yourself look stylish.


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