The Best Black Men Taper Fade Haircuts in 2021

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It seems that there are more men choosing the black men taper fade haircuts in 2021. Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the popularity of taper fade haircuts has increased tremendously. Thanks to its versatility, black men can choose the right style as there are lots of variations available to choose from. If you are a black man looking for the right taper fade haircut, take notes and explore our list below.



Top 5 Black Men Haircuts Taper Fade

The following are some best black men taper fade haircuts that you can try. Make sure that you ask your barber first whether the style will fit your style or not.


1. The Fade Cut with Tapered Afro

The first style that we have here is the fade cut with tapered afro. It is a high fitting style in which the lines are etched to be very clean and sharp. The main characteristic of this style is that the sides fade out gradually. If you are looking for a unique haircut for black men, don’t forget to include this one on your list.


2. The High Fade with Beard

If you are looking for a haircut that can give you the bad boy look, then the high fade with beard should be considered. It is a great style that comes with the hair length that is short. Another characteristic of the high fade with beard is that the fade gradually disappears before reaching to your ear. By combining the style with a beard, it can give a boost to your look.


3. The Low Fade Haircut with Shaved Sides

This is another hairstyle that involves a gradual reduction in the length of your side hair. The low fade haircut with shaved sides is suitable for black men looking for convenience and style. The hairstyle is easy to maintain and it looks great for most black men.


4. Taper Fade with Ocean Waves

You can ask your barber when looking for a popular taper fade haircut. We are sure that one of those answers is the taper fade with ocean waves. In fact, this style has been popular for almost a century and the good news is that the style is becoming more stylish. If you want to choose this style, make sure that the length of your hair is short. Don’t forget to apply the hair gel. It also needs a special comb to make waves. What you get is a cool hairstyle that makes you stand out from other men.


5. Edgy Fade Haircut

For black men looking for a style that is suitable for informal and formal looks, the edgy fade haircut should be included on the list. If you want to get this haircut, your side hair should be shaved so that you can make the hair fade at the temples. This haircut comes with the beard and mustache that are well-trimmed.



There are still other styles that you can consider such as all around taper fade haircut and high fade with shaved edges. By picking the best black men haircuts for taper fade, you can improve your looks without wasting too much money.


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