The Popular Mid Fade Haircut in 2021

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If you think that the high fade and low fade are not your options, then you can consider choosing the mid fade haircut. The medium fade is another popular style that men choose in 2021. This is a style that lands somewhere in above the neck and below the temples. To create a dramatic effect, the medium fade raises the hairline. If you want to choose this option and you are not sure which style that works best for you, check our list below.




Top 5 mid Fade Haircuts – Pick a Cool mid Fade Haircut

The following are some best mid fade haircuts that you can choose. What makes the mid fade haircut better than other styles is that it looks great with medium, short, and long hairstyles. Some styles also get a modern update with a fade and if you choose them, you can improve your looks without wasting a lot of money.


1. Texture with the Medium Bald Fade

The first choice that you can consider is the medium bald fade. This taper fade haircut comes with extra depth and some unique characteristics. The style is used as a canvas for a subtle hair design. Another feature that you can expect from the medium bald fade is the addition of an upward arc. It is one of the best medium fade haircuts that you must try.


2. High Top + Mid Fade

It is another cool hairstyle that works with every hairstyle from long to short and cool to conservative. Note that the haircut comes with the rounded high top that falls into the long hair categories. With the use of the angle of the fade that reflects your hair on top, it can emphasize the bold lines of this cool hairstyle.


3. Side Part Haircut with Medium Fade

The haircut is known as a modern addition to the classic side part style. If you want to achieve the look of this haircut, make sure that you leave enough length before the taper. By doing this, you can keep your hair from sticking up. The last step is to consider a touch of product.


4. Pomp Fade + Hard Part

The pomp fade is a classic style that comes with a modern edge from the addition of a fade. The most interesting part is the addition of the shaved part which is another cool update to a vintage style. Choose this style if you want to get a classic hairstyle that looks stylish in 2021.


5. The Mid Fade Long on Top

When choosing some mid length hairstyles, most of these hairstyles are long on top with short sides and back. It doesn’t matter what your choice is, whether it is textured, spiky, styled down or up, there is no doubt that the style emphasizes the length and style.  




The main characteristic of the mid fade haircuts is that they clean up the neckline while leaving some length above the temples. Since these haircuts are versatile, you can try lots of variations. You can choose short, medium, long hairstyles. The mid fade haircut looks great with these options.


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