The Popular Skin Taper Haircut in 2021

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No matter what the style is, you can enhance your appearance with the skin taper haircut. This haircut is similar to a skin fade. The difference is that the sides of the haircut are not faded any higher than the temple area. One of the best things about the skin taper is that it can be any length all around. Note that the longer the hair, the more difficult it is if you want to get a great blend. If you want to achieve the look, make sure that you choose a good hairstylist. If the hairstylist is still a rookie, then you shouldn’t choose this haircut.




Top 5 Skin Taper Haircuts – Discover the Right Skin Taper Haircut

If you are looking for a great solution in which you can improve your looks, then the skin taper haircut should be considered. Check some best examples below.


1. The Balanced Cut with Beard

Do you know that a fade in short haircuts can provide the same style with layers in the longer looks? The best thing about the balanced cut with beard is that it can provide a great structured silhouette to your hair on the top. In addition, it can also provide an interesting texture in the middle which is great if you want to have a clean look.


2. Professional Bald Fade Side Part

If you are looking for a more work appropriate fade haircut, then the professional bald fade side part should be taken into your consideration. It is a perfect style as it is less aggressive and more polished. The main characteristic of the professional bald fade side part is that it comes with a fade that starts in the middle.


3. Straight to the Point

For men who prefer to set trends rather than following them, then the high skin taper haircut is a great choice. The fade begins high at the top of the head so that it can create a more severe and strong look. Using this haircut, you can also try chic patterns on your beard.


4. The Geek Chic

The Geek Chic is a perfect example how you can have a style that combines the modern and vintage style in one look. Don’t forget to use pompadour as it can add length to short faces. You can also use some accessories that look great when paired with the Geek Chick.


5. The Simple Short Cut for Natural Hair

This style is another option that you can try if you want to look great. The simple short cut for natural hair blends a curly buzz with a subtle temple fade so that it can create a simple yet stylish look. The only downside is that it is not appropriate for conservative work settings. However, for men who have a more casual office environment, then this simple style is definitely a great choice.



Ask your hairstylist first so that you know whether he/she can help you achieve the look or not. Overall, these are some best examples that you can try if you want to look great with the skin taper haircut.


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